You may have spent the summer and fall exploring a passion, working at an internship or job, volunteering, or traveling.

You may have spent some time at another institution in another country and be looking for transfer opportunities.

Whatever the reason, The American University of Rome welcomes new Freshman, Transfer and Study Abroad students in Spring as well as Fall.

Who enrolls in the Spring semester?
Similar to the fall semester, a highly diverse group of students begin their studies in the spring semester. Though a smaller group enrolls, you will find that students come from all over the world to study abroad in Rome and represent many different backgrounds and nationalities.

Will I have to work extra to catch up with those who enrolled in Fall?
No. Our modular liberal arts degrees are self-paced. Enrolling in Spring places you at no disadvantage to those who have been here since Fall and, as we are a small, lively community, you'll soon quickly find yourself fitting in with all the existing students.

Can I use my loans, financial aid to enroll in Spring?
Yes, this is no different from fall. See here for further financial information.

Will my course selection be impacted by enrolling in Spring?
No. Students who begin in the spring semester have the same course choice as those who enrolled in fall. Of course, some classes are offered in the fall or spring only but this is the same for all students. See our full course catalog for detailed course information.

Is it easier or harder to be admitted for the spring semester?
Neither. The Admissions Committee uses the same criteria to evaluate candidates for admission.

Am I still eligible for exchange opportunities, dual degree programs, and study abroad opportunities?
Yes, you may participate in all opportunities available to AUR students.

Is it easy to integrate into the AUR community in the middle of the academic year?
Absolutely. The American University of Rome is known for its incredibly strong sense of community. Students beginning in the spring semester have an added benefit – a small group to bond with from the start and a warm welcome from the larger AUR community.

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