AUR’s richly diverse community of global explorers  receive more than just a university education - they live and learn within an inclusive, culturally stimulating environment that fosters a spirit of discovery and intellectual curiosity with a global outlook. AUR’s focus on experiential learning affords students the opportunity to reap full benefit from Rome’s historical, political, and social wealth while our geographical location opens Europe, and beyond, to academic & cultural exploration.

AUR’s liberal arts roots, with its concentration on broad cross-disciplinary knowledge and deep-disciplinary expertise, prepares graduates to enter an ever-changing career marketplace with the confidence, knowledge, and skills not only to succeed but to position themselves for lives and careers of purpose.

The American University in Rome specializes in study on location
AUR is a small but highly diverse university
AUR prepares students to tackle the future
AUR graduates pressure lives & careers of purpose


Three key reasons to study with AUR

Locale & learning

The American University of Rome actively incorporates its locality into the daily life of learning. Not just Rome but Italy and Europe are essential elements of our experiential approach to combining classroom theory with practical, hands-on examples of practice. Across the AUR curriculum, academic study trips are a key feature of studying at AUR.

Diversity & learning

The American University of Rome attracts students from over 60 countries around the globe. Learning with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures present in the classroom means that all students gain a more comprehensive insight into and understanding of the subject matter through a range of different viewpoints.

Purpose-driven learning

The American University of Rome prepares its students to graduate with the interdisciplinary skills required to tackle the future employment market -and the mindset to tackle global issues. Our alumni have demonstrated their ability to thrive in a globally diverse environment and to thrive on a globally diverse life path.