Discover a life in the Eternal City. Join our small, diverse community and enjoy one of Europe’s finest capital cities while experiencing university as an international student. You will gain a fresh perspective on your studies, on yourself and on your relationship with other cultures.

For many degree seeking students, studying abroad is about a brief ‘excursion’ at a partner school, with some credit hours attached. However, increasing numbers of students are now recognizing the benefits of spending more of their undergraduate career as ‘foreign students’. Instead of limiting their education abroad to a few weeks, more and more students are transferring to overseas universities to complement or complete their university experience.

The American University of Rome offers outstanding academic opportunities combined with the chance to explore Rome, Italy and Europe. While completing your studies your focus will primarily be about the academic quality and about developing the skills you need to enter the global workplace. However, it should also be about ‘the experience’; about seeing new places, meeting new people and challenging the limits of your life.

AUR offers all this and more.

The American University of Rome welcomes transfer students starting in the fall or spring semester. Transfer students join us from the United States and around the world.


You can apply as a transfer student if you are a high school graduate (or equivalent). You will have completed at least one semester at another college or university.

Transfer credits

You can transfer up to 75 credits from your prior studies. A minimum of 45 credits for a bachelor degree must be earned at AUR. For an associate degree, a minimum of 30 credits must be earned at the University.

  • At least 15 credits earned at AUR must be in major-specific upper-level courses.
  • The final semester (Fall or Spring) must be completed in residence at AUR.
  • European Universities
    All universities that use ECTS will be evaluated on a 2:1 ratio with US credits. Therefore, 6 ECTS credits are equivalent to 3 AUR credits. Student homework will not be counted.
  • Italian Universities
    Grades of 22 (out of 30) or above are accepted for transfer credit.

Every year, The American University of Rome welcomes increasing numbers of transfer students to its beautiful campus in central Rome. Here are just some of the reasons students make the change to AUR:

Rome is our Classroom

Our lessons are enriched through on-site visits around the city. Students use the wealth of art, culture, politics and history as context to their learning.

Rome is a city unlike any other. The city’s 50+ museums and 900+ churches house world-renowned paintings, frescoes, and sculptures. The cobblestone streets and majestic piazzas are architectural masterpieces in themselves. The city is home to no less than 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The Liberal Arts - at work in the world

International experience is a valuable asset to employers. By taking part of your degree at The American University of Rome you will demonstrate independence, courage, individuality, and intercultural skills that are highly marketable.

The American University of Rome offers 10 unique undergraduate bachelor’s degree programs. Each program has been crafted to prepare students for the 21st century career market. You will be challenged, stretched, and tested - and your abilities to think creatively, problem-solve and communicate will be enhanced beyond measure.

AUR follows the tradition of the liberal arts in that all of its programs are truly interdisciplinary. This means they ‘interlock’ giving you the opportunity to combine disciplines - a trait that will make you more attractive to employers and graduate schools alike.

An educational experience with AUR also offers you direct access to some of Rome's and Europe’s most prestigious international employers. The university maintains a wide network of partner organizations where AUR students undertake for-credit internships. Over 75% of AUR students will undertake at least one internship during their time here, many will undertake two.

Student Life, trips and athletics

The Student Life program at The American University of Rome complements the academic mission of the University. It provides opportunities for learning, travel, and fun through extra-curricular activities. These activities promote students’ personal growth and leadership development - and we have a great time too.

Of course, students have the opportunity to explore and develop on their own too. Our housing is not in isolated student halls but rather in apartments around the area. All of our students take an Italian language program at the university and this learning is put to practical use.

Time to explore

Our four-day, Monday-Thursday class schedule means that you have the time (and the friends) to explore nearby European destinations like London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin etc.

The American University of Rome really is the total university experience. Talk to us today about transferring and take your first step on the road to Rome.

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Although the university is based in Rome, Italy, all programs are taught in English.

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