Core Courses



Our program helps you to discover your passions whilst developing broad expertise in a wide array of fields. As you progress through the Major, you can concentrate your expertise and enthusiasms via our flexible 'clusters'; courses grouped by specialism that will allow you to focus your learning according to your talents and ambitions. You will, of course, still be able to use your free electives to add to try out other disciplines and to add ideas and thinking from complementary areas.

Major Electives: Journalism & Writing cluster


Major Electives: Public Relations & Advertising cluster


Major Electives: Cultural Studies cluster


Major Electives: Media & Globalization cluster


Major Electives: Media Management cluster


Major Electives: Media, Politics, and Social Change cluster


Major Electives: Film Studies cluster



Course requirements and further detail

For more in-depth information about this program and individual course requirements, please see our full catalog.



Students who complete the BA in Communication will gain the following core competencies:

  • Excellent writing skills for digital and print journalism
  • A deep understanding of the nature and theory of media and communication and mass communication
  • Highly developed conceptual analysis and critical thinking skills for post-graduate studies
  • The training and practice to use appropriate tools & technology in multi-media production
  • Knowledge of the laws and ethical guidelines that govern the media and its practitioners
  • The preparation to operate successfully in a global environment characterized by diversity and intercultural communication, understanding, and respect.

Students will demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  • The ability to apply communication concepts and theories to real-world problems
  • The ability to create messages adapted for audience, context, and purpose
  • The ability to critically analyze media messaging
  • The ability to demonstrate communication techniques and effective use of communication technologies
  • The ability to apply ethical communication principles and practices
  • The ability to understand and add to research within the communications field using quantitative and qualitative methodologies.