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AUR student Derek Cebrian spent 10 days this summer attending a Latin poetry composition workshop in Sicily: Inter Versiculos IV along with Professor Paul Gwynne (Division Chair of Arts and Humanities)

As 2019 draws closer, so does an important milestone for The American University of Rome: our 50th Anniversary.

A very special milestone is fast approaching for AUR: in 2019, our University will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The commemoration of this will include an exhibition of AUR’s history so far, and on October 3rd a sneak peek of this exhibition was revealed to the community.

October 3rd saw the return of our annual Entertainment Forum, and we were delighted to welcome actress Kate Walsh as our guest of honor this year. 

Professor Paul Gwynne, Division Chair of Arts and Humanities, has just returned from a presigious conference in Innsbruck where he presented a paper on 'Love and Heroism in Jesuit Epic: Refashioning Nisus and Euryalus'

Dr. Luca Ratti, adjunct professor in AUR’s International Relations and Global Politics program, travelled to the US and Romania over the summer to offer his expertise at conferences on global security issues.

New contemporary artworks by AUR Adjunct Professor in Fine Arts, Marina Buening, will be on exhibit at StudioTiEpolo 38 gallery, culture club and lounge bar, in Rome, from Sept. 21-Oct. 27. Free and open to the public.

AUR's Professor Paul Gwynne, Division Chair of Arts and Humanities, stars in a new documentary entitled 'Empire Games'.

Suspicions about the integration of Islam into European cultures have been steadily on the rise, and dramatically so since 9/11. One reason lies in the visibility of anti-Western Islamic discourses of salafi origin, which have monopolized the debate on the "true" Islam, not only among Muslims but also in the eyes of the general population across Europe; these discourses combined with Islamophobic discourses reinforce the so-called incompatibility between the West and Islam.