Information on this page is subject to change and will be updated on a regular basis. 

Concerning the potential EU 'travel ban' for third-country students - updated 1 July 2020

We understand that the recent news of an EU 'ban' on travel to Italy by certain countries’ citizens will be of obvious concern. We are working with the relevant authorities in Italy to obtain a definitive, legal statement for how this affects AUR students. However, we are reassured from our conversations and from previous EU directives that students will be allowed to enter Italy and take up their studies as planned

In essence, and despite the news media reporting, this is not a 'ban' on certain countries, rather, it is a lifting of restrictions for specific countries while other countries, those not specified on the 'allowed' list, will continue to work with the restrictions that were already in place - as per the published statement above.

Our only reservation at this time is the exact paperwork that will be required to prove that a student is a student, with the associated travel rights that status brings, and the procedures that a student from a third-country will be expected to undertake upon arrival. We will be forthcoming with this information as soon as we receive it.

Our intention in this communication is to ease any concerns you might have, and we apologize for the lack of definitive language. Please expect further communication from us over the next few days as the procedural points are clarified - and do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions whatsoever.

Concerning the potential EU 'travel ban' for American students - updated 27 June 2020

The American University of Rome is aware of the discussions around a travel ban for American citizens currently being held by the EU member states. Based on our constant communication with the US and Italian authorities, we are reassured that newly accepted & returning students will not be adversely impacted and will be able to undertake their travel to Rome for the fall term. We shall immediately update and confirm this once the official rulings are published on July 1. Please contact if you have further questions after July 1.  

Planning & progress for Fall 2020 reopening of campus - updated 26 June 2020

At the very core of what The American University of Rome imparts to students is the ability to think creatively, to problem solve, and to adapt with flexibility to changing circumstances. These skills underpin everything the Liberal Arts stands for. This year, the university and its community have had to practice what we preach, and we have risen to the challenge with humanity, with confidence, and with efficiency.

This unprecedented academic year ended, as always, with our Commencement Exercises. This year, that tradition too had to be addressed with innovation and whole community support, but the result was no less moving and (possibly) even more meaningful than those that preceded it. You can see the results for yourself at

The upcoming academic year holds no less of a challenge than the end of the last, and thus here we lay out our approach as we continue to provide an outstanding educational experience in an environment of safety and support.

Rome, it should be said, has seen few Covid-19 cases as compared to Northern Italy or to many parts of the U.S. But that does not mean that the campus will operate entirely as normal in the short-term, although we have confidence that the Italian authorities & public are well on their way to overcoming the health crisis and that life will return to normal in 2021.


The fall term this year will begin on September 21 and end on December 14, with 11 weeks of continuous teaching, although with the same number of class hours. There will also be a long weekend for Thanksgiving, one week of exams and one make-up day. New students will arrive on September 17 for orientation and arrival week activities.

The idea behind the shortened and slightly delayed semester is to provide students more time to obtain visas, if required, and/or get to campus from around the globe.
A detailed calendar breakdown is available here: including detail on why many students may not need a visa for the upcoming semester.


Our campus will be open and we will be delivering classes in person. In order to maintain continuity of the experiential learning that is the AUR signature, we are exploring delivery modes that will make our in-person classes available to those students who require alternatives. Beyond classes, we are also preparing for our usual stimulating environment, with a full range of activities and events organized by Academic Affairs, Student Life and student clubs. We are mindful that life at AUR is as much about making and renewing connections with friends and colleagues from around the globe.

The following preparations are currently completed or underway

  • Equipping all classrooms with wide-angle webcams, desk microphones, and video conferencing software to allow remote students to view and participate in live classroom lessons in high quality recording conditions.
  • Creating university-wide policies for attendance, participation, and privacy that are sensitive to the needs of remote-access students
  • Enhancing access to electronic library resources that will allow all students to conduct research at a level appropriate to their personal and academic pursuits
  • Conducting in-depth faculty training in alternative teaching modes, such as the flipped classroom and hybrid models, that will support all students equitably
  • Improving our learning management system to support a variety of teaching and learning modes
  • Expanding the range of support services, from the Math and Italian Help Desks and the Writing Center to academic advising and counseling services, for both in-person and remote access


In order to guarantee social distancing, students who have opted to live in AUR housing for the Fall 20, will be housed in single rooms for a maximum of 3 students per apartment.
All apartments will be properly sanitized prior to students’ arrival and cleaning service will be provided once a week.


The university’s focus is on minimizing and managing the risks from COVID-19, until a vaccine is available, by promoting actions that encourage cooperation and optimize safety. Here are some of the key measures:

Managing campus density.
Through timetabling, classroom allocation, and the logistics of movement around campus, we will work to ensure minimum density wherever possible

Symptom monitoring
Monitoring will be required of all faculty, staff and students on a daily basis upon arrival to campus. Those with the typical symptoms (fever, cough, fatigue, aches, etc.) will be required to return home and to follow public-health guidelines, including quarantine.

Social distancing in the classroom
All classrooms have been prepared to meet social distancing requirements. This will mean a reduction in classroom occupancy which, in turn, will both affect class scheduling and extend the day.

Social distancing in public spaces
The jewel of the AUR campus is the Garden. Along with the Student Lounge, these two areas serve as the main social hubs and are heavily used, especially in the warm Fall months. Both areas will be arranged for social distancing.

Traffic flow through the campus
A plan has been drawn up to regulate traffic flow throughout the campus ensuring that classroom exits, stairwells, corridors etc. are designated as unidirectional (entrance or exit only, up or down only etc.):

Face masks
Combined with social distancing, masks are the most effective means to minimize the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The wearing of face masks will be required while on campus.

Cleaning and sanitization 
We have invested in sanitization, disinfectant products and have planned for extra cleanings in all public spaces on campus, including classrooms, restrooms, and study spaces.

High risk community members 
Those who are deemed to be high-risk will work with the university on suitable individual solutions. The health & wellbeing of all members of the community is our highest priority.



There are two professional & trusted services available to AUR students:

  • On-campus appointments with our doctor for regular health needs such as first aid and prescription consultation
  • Private medical appointments for students who may have Covid-19 symptoms.
    This service is provided as a home-visit to the student’s apartment. If the visiting doctor believes that further intervention is necessary s/he will help students to interact with the Italian health authorities. 

The AUR Counselor will be available to students both for in person and via online consultations.

You can find additional information on health, hygiene, and safety protocols in a previous update on this page 


One of the most essential components to ensuring our success this coming year will be timely and pro-active communication to – and between - all of our campus constituents. Expect frequent communications coming from the president's office and on the AUR website. As the summer progresses, we will provide you with regular updates on our preparations for fall and beyond. Always feel free to share your insights or voice your concerns.

Planning & progress for Fall 2020 opening - updated 11 June 2020.

A new Taskforce convened to address AUR's ongoing response to Covid-19

A Planning and Response Task Force, made up of staff members from across our community, has been created and charged with the management of the Fall 2020 semester. AUR is making changes in order to ensure that we provide a safe and secure environment across campus, in the classrooms, and at student apartments. The taskforce will develop plans to respond to various scenarios, including emergency situations, with efficiency and effectiveness so that all students, parents, faculty, and staff can be confident that AUR meets the very best standards possible.

The taskforce will:

  1. Review the current operational organization of campus.
  2. Plan and carry out necessary physical changes and purchase protective equipment and sanitary materials to follow government requirements for a safe environment for all.
  3. Work closely with the academic and student life offices to coordinate classroom & campus protocols & procedures.
  4. Communicate all planning to relevant constituents.
  5. Respond with efficiency and effectiveness in the event of an emergency.

Access to Health Professionals at AUR

There are two services available to AUR students:

  1. On-campus appointments with our doctor for regular health needs such as first aid and prescription consultation
  2. Private doctor appointments for students who may have Covid-19 symptoms.
    This service is provided as a home-visit to the student’s apartment. If the visiting doctor believes that further intervention is necessary s/he will help students to interact with the Italian health authorities. 

Entering or visiting the AUR campus

Before entering AUR’s campus all staff, faculty, students, and visitors will be checked for body temperature.
If an individual's temperature exceeds 37.5°, access to the campus will not be permitted.

Further, anyone who, in the previous 14 days

  • has had symptoms of a respiratory illness
  • has had contact with subjects who have tested positive for COVID-19
  • or who have been to areas at risk according to WHO guidelines

will be denied access to AUR (as per Gov. Decree-Law No 6 of 23/02/2020, Article 1(h) and (i)).

Anyone who has tested positive for COVID 19 infection will be required to submit a medical certificate showing negative swab results before being granted access to the campus.

Life on campus

All students, faculty, staff, and visitors will be required to wear masks on campus and respect social distancing regulations.

  • Social distancing in the classroom
    All classrooms have been prepared to ensure that social distancing requirements are adhered to. Classroom occupancy has been reduced to facilitate this.
  • Social distancing in public spaces
    All community social spaces have been prepared to ensure social distancing regulations are adhered to. AUR staff will monitor and regulate these public spaces for added assurance.
  • Traffic flow through the campus.
    A plan is being drawn up to regulate traffic flow throughout the campus ensuring that classroom exits, stairwells, corridors etc. are designated as unidirectional (entrance or exit only, up or down only etc.).

Cleaning & Hygiene on campus

  • During the summer, the entire AUR campus will undergo a 'deep clean & sanitization' process
  • Throughout the summer and for the forseeable future, cleaning and disinfection of the university’s internal and external areas will be intensified
  • Hand soap will be amply provided in bathrooms and hand sanitizer will be available at multiple points around campus
  • Cleaning kits will be supplied for each employee and in every classroom with directions for best use
  • Faculty and staff are undergoing thorough training concerning new campus regulations, actions to taken, and protocols around ensuring ongoing health & safety